Wedding Cakes

Our wedding cakes are freshly made to order and come in a variety of styles – from romantic to boldly modern. We will make anything that your heart desires.

You can choose one of our custom designs, discuss your wedding theme with us and ask for proposals, give us your own custom design or commission a plain cake to be decorated with your wedding flowers.

Due to the delicate nature of the sugar craft on your wedding cake, we prefer to personally deliver and set-up the cake at the wedding venue. The cost of delivery and set-up is venue location specific and will be included in your wedding cake quote. 

Wedding Cake Tastings:

​We offer tasting boxes which consist of 6 different flavoured cupcakes with different fillings. You can choose which 6 flavours and fillings you would like to taste and they are available to order for Fridays for R320 per box. Since we are a home based studio, these are available for collection only, but we can set-up a virtual meeting to discuss your wedding cake. Please see below available flavours and fillings.

Portion Guide For Wedding Cakes:

The portion guide below will provide you with an approximate idea of the size of cake and number of tiers you would need for the number of guests you have at your wedding:

For 50-60 guests a 2 tier: 25cm, 18cm
For 80-100 guests a 3 tier: 25cm, 20cm, 15cm
For 120 guests a 3 tier: 30cm, 25cm, 15cm
For 150 guests a 4 tier: 30cm, 25cm, 18cm, 12cm
For 180 guests a 5 tier: 30cm, 25cm, 20cm, 15cm, 12cm
For 200 guests a 4 tier: 35cm, 30cm, 25cm, 20cm
For 225 guests a 5 tier: 35cm, 30cm, 25cm, 20cm, 15cm


Cake Flavours:

-Decadent Chocolate Cake
-Moist Carrot & Pecan Cake (+12%)
-Vanilla Buttermilk Cake
-Rose Infused Sponge Cake (+8%)
-Raspberry Buttermilk Cake (+8%)
-Zesty Lemon Cake
-Orange Buttermilk Cake
-Mocha (Espresso Infused) Cake (+8%)
-Lemon & Poppyseed Cake (+5%)
-Pistachio Sponge Cake (+12%)
-Classic Red Velvet Cake (+12%)
-Hummingbird Cake (+12%)
-Coconut Cake (+8%)
-Pastel Rainbow Cake (+5%)- Not available for tastings
-Bright Rainbow Cake (+5%)- Not available for tastings  

Cake Fillings:

-Vanilla Swiss Meringue Buttercream
-Raspberry Swiss Meringue Buttercream
- Chocolate Swiss Meringue Buttercream  (+5%)
-Cream Cheese (+12%)
-Zesty Cream Cheese  (+12%)
-Mixed Berry Cream Cheese  (+12%)
-Belgium Dark Chocolate Ganache  (+10%)
-Belgium Milk Chocolate Ganache  (+10%)
-Belgium White Chocolate Ganache  (+10%)
-Belgium Dark Chocolate Mousse  (+10%)
-Belgium Milk Chocolate Mousse  (+10%)
-Belgium White Chocolate Mousse  (+10%)
-Home made Zesty Lemon Curd  (+12%)
-Toasted Hazelnut Ganache  (+10%)
-Oreo Cookies & Cream  (+5%)
-Salted Caramel  (+10%)
-Caramel  (+10%)
-Crunchy Peanut Butter & Salted Caramel  (+10%)
-Toasted Coconut Belgium White Chocolate Ganache  (+10%)
-Rose infused Turkish Delight Whipped Ganache  (+10%)

-Caramel and Peppermint Crisp (+10%)


Popular Flavour Combinations:

Vanilla Buttermilk Cake with Zesty Home Made Lemon Curd Filling
Coconut Cake with Toasted Coconut Belgium White Chocolate Ganache Filling
Raspberry Buttermilk Cake with Zesty Cream Cheese Filling
Decadent Chocolate Cake with Belgium Milk Chocolate Mousse Filling
Zesty Lemon Cake with Mixed Berry Cream Cheese Filling
Rose Infused Sponge Cake with Rose Infused Turkish Delight Whipped Ganache Filling